• Non-linear junction Detectors

  • Cellular Phones Jammers

  • Frequency and Power Meters

Tral Patrol 4


Multifunctional microwave amplifier test bed

Our company Imtel Ltd was founded in 2010. The main sphere of action is import of electronic components for production of security electronic devices and export of the security products, whose price includes VAT.
Thus, thanks to the synergy of TS-Market and Imtel companies and due to the peculiarities of the tax accounting in Russia, we are happy to offer our clients the most competitive prices for a range of products. Advertising activity fulfills via TS-Market company, export activity carries out via Imtel company.

There are following series of tools:

  • Series of Non-linear junction Detectors Lornet. The non-linear junction detectors are used for search and location of electronic devices both in active and switch-off state.

  • Series Cellular Phones Jammers. This series is designed to prevent cellular communication in designated areas. Mobile phone jammers provide an easy to operate solution against the universal threat of using cellular phones as bomb’s triggers.

  • Series Frequency and Power Meters. The devices of this series are designed for detection and localization of radio emitters, as well as for a measurement of radio transmitters' working frequencies. For the moment MFP-8000 is the only representative of the series. It can be used to measure frequency and power of radio signals in a wide range of develop-ment, diagnostic, adjustment and search applications related to radio devices.